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Published 11 Feb 2019

LCD resources

A page of info about LCD controllers. AC780, AIP31068,PCF2119, PCF211X, SSD1311, ST7032i, ST7070, US2066, WS0010

Character and Icon based LCD controllers

HD44780 compatible

HD44780 compatible with extensions

HD44780 compatible with SPI

HD44780 compatible with I2C

Other character LCD controllers

  • KS0094
  • S1D13305
  • S1D13700F01
  • S1D15000
  • SBN0080
  • SBN1661
  • SED1335

Other: Samsung KS0070B, KS0076, OKI MSM6222, NJR NJU6408B, NJU6468, NJU6470, UMC UM3881B

Graphic array LCD controllers

  • MSM5259 dot matrix LCD segment driver.
  • ST7567 65 x 132 Dot Matrix LCD controller.
  • S6B0107 64 channel common driver.
  • S6B0108 64 channel segment driver.

If any referenced page no longer exists, try looking for its URL on