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LCD module data





LCD Description
Recovered fromEpson WF-2530 1)
Board IDs2142717-01, 2142716 00
LCD typepositive
Polarizer typereflective
Columns128 pixels
Rows28 pixels
Char matrix3×14 to 8×14 2)
Driver ICST7567 (CoG) 3)
Arduino driver
Num Pins8
Pin spacing0.07”
LCD1 Pinout Arduino test rig 4)
Pin#IC LabelFuntionConnected toMeasuredPincolour
1CSBChip Select(cn1 pin 8)3.38V
2RSTBReset(74VHC595 pin 4 (Qe))3.38V
3A0Register select(cn1 pin6, 74VHC595 pin 14 (SER data input) via 100Ω)0V
4SCLKClock(cn1 pin5 via 220Ω), (74VHC595 pin 11 (clock) via 220Ω), (74VHC165 pin 2 (clock) via 220Ω) 250kHz or 3MHz0V
5SDAData In(cn1 pin2), (74VHC165 pin 9 (QH) via 3.3k)3.38V
6VDDPower 3.38V, bypass capacitor to GND
8VGLCD powercapacitor to GND6.94V
JK33149A, 2142717-01 Board, CN1 pinout Arduino test rig 5)
Pin#LabelConnected toPincolour
1 Buzzer-
2SDA(lcd pin5)
5CLK(lcd pin4 via 220Ω), (74VHC595 pin 11 (clock) via 220Ω), (74VHC165 pin 2 (clock) via 220Ω)
6RS(lcd pin3 via 100Ω)
7 (74VHC595 pin 13 (output enable))
8CS(lcd pin1)
9 (74VHC165 pin 1 (parallel load))
10 SW1 (closes to gnd) (power button)

“2 line bitmap LCD” Approximately 20 characters by 2 rows.
IC1, 74VHC165 (8bit parallel line/serial out shift register) is used for serializing the keyswitch selections,
IC2. 74VHC595 (8-Bit Shift Register with Output Latches) is used for decoding serial data to latched outputs to turn on status LEDs (Power, Wifi, ADF) and one LCD control line (chip select)
IC1 & IC2 can use power supplies of 2V to 5.5V, LCD 3.3V powered?


Examples :

MDP12BS17-SR-T front

MDP12BS17-SR-T overview with board

MDP12BS17-SR-T connector

MDP12BS17-SR-T examples

2) Bitmap graphical display, characters have proportional spacing
4) , 5) reminder for my personal testing, not useful for anyone else!