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LCD Description
ModelTMBC16265G A01 1)
ManufacturerIntelligent Display Solutions
Recovered fromTangent Quattro MKII 11166
Board IDs
LCD typepositive
Polarizer typetransflective
Char matrix5×8
Driver ICS6A0069 2)
Backlightwhite LED
Arduino driverLiquidCrystal.h
Connectorpin header
Num Pins16
Pin spacing0.1”
Connector pin-out Arduino test rig
Pin#LabelDescription Pin
2VddPower supply for logic+5V
3V0Contrast adjustment3)
4RSData/Instruction select signal8
5R/WRead/Write select signalGND
6EEnable signal9
7DB0Data bus line
8DB1Data bus line
9DB2Data bus line
10DB3Data bus line
11 DB4 Data bus line4
12 DB5 Data bus line5
13 DB6 Data bus line6
14 DB7 Data bus line7
15 A Power supply for B/L ++5V
16 K Power supply for B/L -0v


Examples :

TMBC16265G front

TMBC16265G installed TMBC16265G overview with board TMBC16265G connector

TMBC16265G examples
TMBC16265G pixel layout

3) connect to potentiometer between Vcc and GND