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Published 5 Apr 2018

Stepper Motors

Identifying Stepper Motors

NEMA Stepper motor naming convention

DDfaceplate diameter1/10 inch
MMmount typeC flange, D tapped holes, CD flange and tapped holes
LLLlength1/10 inch
CCCphase current1/10 amp
IInsulation classA 105°C, B 130°C, F 155°C, H 180°C
VVVphase voltage1/10 volt
WwiresA 2 wire, B 3, C 4, D 5, E 6, F 8

eg NEMA 34D016-016B053200A 3.4” diameter stepper motor, with a flange, that is 1.6” long, has a phase current of 1.6 A, class B insulation, 5.3 V phase, 200 steps per revolution, and type A winding connection

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