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XM-3301B overview

CD/DVD Rom data
TypeDisk carrier CDROM

These early CD Rom drives used a plastic carrier to hold the CD, the whole thing being inserted and ejected from the CD Rom drive like a cartridge. The drive contains three motors, spin motor, head positioning motor and eject motor. All appear to be 5V motors. The spin motor is a direct drive of the CD, the head positioner has a hall-effect rotary encoder, gear chain and rack and pinion drive head slide. The eject motor uses a worm screw that drives gears and cams to actuate the eject mechanism. The spin and head motors can be easily extracted. Using the head positioning mechanism and rotary encoder feedback would be possibly, but difficult. The whole eject actuator could be separated out to use as a, not very compact, servo.



XM-3301B overview

XM-3301B top
XM-3301B frontXM-3301B sideXM-3301B rear
XM-3301B bottom

Tear down

XM-3301B disassembled

XM-3301B disassembled top XM-3301B disassembled bottom

XM-3301B mechanism

XM-3301B mechanism top XM-3301B mechanism bottom