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 ^LCD type|positive| ^LCD type|positive|
 ^Polarizer type|transflective| ^Polarizer type|transflective|
-^Columns|128 pixels (approx)|+^Columns|120 pixels (approx)|
 ^Rows|32 pixels (approx)| ^Rows|32 pixels (approx)|
 ^Char matrix|| ^Char matrix||
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 ^Pin spacing|2mm| ^Pin spacing|2mm|
-^  Connector pin-out  ​^^^  Arduino test rig  |+^  Connector pin-out  ​||^  Arduino test rig | 
-^Pin#^IC pin^Label^Pin^colour+^Pin#^Label^Description ​^Pin| 
-^1|1µF to ground| +^1|1µF to ground| 
-^2|Vcc| +^2|Vcc| 
-^3|GND| +^3|GND| 
-^4|1k to ground, 100Ω to  j701 pin 11| +^4|1k to ground, 100Ω to  j701 pin 11| 
-^5|100Ω to  j701 pin 10| +^5|100Ω to  j701 pin 10| 
-^6|100Ω to  j701 pin 8| +^6|100Ω to  j701 pin 8| 
-^7|100Ω to  j701 pin 2| +^7|100Ω to  j701 pin 2| 
-^8|100Ω to  j701 pin 19|+^8|100Ω to  j701 pin 19|
 \\ \\
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 |{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​300|DELLV313W chip}} |{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​300|DELLV313W chip}}
-|{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​400|DELLV313W character set}}+|{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​300|DELLV313W character set}}
 |{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​400|DELLV313W examples}} |{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​400|DELLV313W examples}}
 |{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​200|DELLV313W pixel layout}} |{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​200|DELLV313W pixel layout}}
 |{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​800|DELLV313W circuit}} |{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​800|DELLV313W circuit}}