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Published 24 Aug 2020

Disc shooting robot

Disc shooting robot overview
A mostly intact, disc shooting robot


A cheap remote control toy robot (marketed from about 2005 under various names like “Odyssey Android I” (model N.A.T.I, ODY2006-N), “Space Wiser”, “Mr. Robot”, “Intelligent” disc shooting robot), not sure of the original manufacturer, some boxes are labelled “Feng Yuan”. There are lots of other variations of this robot with slightly different moulded plastic shells and different pre-programmed functions and demo routines.

The robot can 'walk' moving its legs and arms, and roll forward and back on the wheels in its feet. The head rotates and eyes flash and a number of foam discs can be loaded into the top of the head from where they are fired out of the mouth. It plays a number of pre-programmed recordings of phrases by voice and sound effects. The infrared remote can control walking forward and back, turning left and right, and rotating the head.


Demo routine

This one seems to have a shortened demo routine, the voice is very distorted
“Hi, my name is Jackie”
“I have great abilities”
“I walk”
“Hurl frisbees”
“and I can teach you to dance”

Robot's demo routine

Hardware description

Tear down


Powered by 4 “AA” batteries, the on/off slide switch is located below the battery pack on the back. There is a red push button switch below the chest the initiates the demo routine.

Head ceiling Head floor Speaker

In the head there are two red LED eyes below an infrared receiver in the centre of the forehead. There is a small speaker under the firing mechanism.

Firing mechanism top Firing mechanism bottom

Foam disc mechanism Foam disc fire rotor Foam disc projectile

There are two motors in the head, one, ungeared, driving a rotor at high speed and the other for operating the foam disc load and release mechanism.

Head gearbox

In the body cavity there is one heavily geared motor for turning the head.

PCB front PCB back Daughter board

There is one circuit board in the body cavity that contains a daughterboard with an epoxy covered chip, a few discrete components on the top and surface mounted components on the bottom. In this model the board is labelled “FY-28072-3B” “2012.04.30” “ZT.PCB”

There are two motors, one in each foot, for the wheels. There are no separate motors driving the legs and arms which are instead moved by linkages from the feet.

Infrared Remote

Infrared remote control
Disc shooting robot infrared remote control


The robot is controlled by an infrared remote control. It has 12 control buttons:

  • Turn head left
  • Ready firing mechanism
  • Turn head right
  • Turn left
  • Fire discs
  • Turn right
  • P-Dance : Perform “teach you to dance” routine
  • R-Slide: Perform dance
  • W: Walk forward
  • S: Slide forward
  • W: Walk backwards
  • S: Slide backwards

Infrared remote back Infrared remote top

Hardware description

Tear down

The remote is powered by two AA batteries. The electronics consists of one epoxy covered chip, one infrared transmitting LED, one status LED, a transistor and a few discrete components. The PCB is labeled “ZT-PCB”, “FY-28072-c”, “2012.08.01”.

Infrared remote back Infrared remote top

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