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Published 4 Jul 2021

DHTRC10295 Radio Control Car


Hardware description


DHTRC10295 Radio Control Car overview
A DHTRC10295 Radio Control Car
DHTRC10295 top view
DHTRC10295 front viewDHTRC10295 side viewDHTRC10295 rear viewDHTRC10295 side view
DHTRC10295 bottom view

Tear down

DHTRC10295 exploded view DHTRC10295 inside

The controller electronics consist of a small board with two chips, a MX1919 motor controller.

DHTRC10295 controller top view DHTRC10295 controller bottom view

Example application of MX1919:

MX3919 application example

DHTRC10295 tyre and wheel
DHTRC10295 tyre and wheel
DHTRC10295 wheel

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