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Published 4 Jul 2021

DHTRC10295 Radio Control Car


DHTRC10295 Radio Control Car overview
A DHTRC10295 Radio Control Car
DHTRC10295 top view
DHTRC10295 front viewDHTRC10295 side viewDHTRC10295 rear viewDHTRC10295 side view
DHTRC10295 bottom view

Hardware description

Tear down:

DHTRC10295 exploded view DHTRC10295 inside

The controller electronics consist of a small board with two chips, a MX1919 motor controller.

DHTRC10295 controller top view DHTRC10295 controller bottom view

Example application of MX1919:

MX3919 application example

DHTRC10295 tyre and wheel
DHTRC10295 tyre and wheel
DHTRC10295 wheel

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