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Published 19 May 2018

Datasheets of Electronic Components


I often spend a lot of time searching the internet for datasheets for electronic devices. Sometimes these can be found on the manufacturer's website, or archives of it, but often if the component or device is no longer produced they no longer provide the datasheets. There are many website that offer datasheets, but very often they lead you on a wild goose chase and without an ad-blocker they are unusable.

So I will list in these pages datasheets as I find them, in the hope they might be more easily found here by the next person seeking them out.

I will list any reliable sources of datasheets, that I find, in the references section, please email me if you find any more!

The Datasheets

On the sidebar there is a list of component/device manufacturers, initially at least devices will be listed alphabetically by part number. If my collection gets large then other categorization schemes may be implemented.

References and Additional Resources

If any referenced page no longer exists, try looking for its URL on