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   * [[:​electronic:​equipment:​Philips-LED|Philips LED]] lightbulb tear-down ((PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION!))   * [[:​electronic:​equipment:​Philips-LED|Philips LED]] lightbulb tear-down ((PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION!))
   * [[:​electronic:​datasheet:​start|Datasheets]] of electronic components ((PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION!))   * [[:​electronic:​datasheet:​start|Datasheets]] of electronic components ((PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION!))
-  * [[:​robotic:​Sub112|Sub-112]] ((PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION!))+  * [[:​robotic:​Sub112|Sub-112]] ​ ​Experimenting with a toy submarine  ​((PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION!))
 ===== Projects in initial stages ===== ===== Projects in initial stages =====