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-<​html><​p style="​text-align:​right;">​Published 16 Jan 2020</​p></​html>​ 
-<​html><​p style="​text-align:​center;"><​b><​font size="​6">​Mr. General</​font></​b></​p></​html>​ 
-===== Overview ===== 
-I recently came across parts of a robot system that turned out to be parts of a "Mr. General"​ type robot platform. "//​Mr.General is a general purpose robotic platform that uses a bread board to work with almost any processor. ​ An IR compound eye mounted on a pan/tilt assembly can be used to track moving objects or as a simple range finder. ​ IR sensors on the corners can detect obstacles or edges.// " 
-===== Hardware description ===== 
-The hardware I have consists of a mainboard, ​ 2 servo motors, and a tilt/swivel bracket with an infrared '​compound eye'​. ​ The mainboard has a prototyping area, corner mounted infrared transmitter/​receiver sensors, power regulators, motor driver chips, status LEDs and LED driver chip and many extension plug/​sockets. 
-The tilt/swivel bracket, servos and compound eye form the '​head'​ of the robot, and with suitable software allow the robot to track objects close to it (< 200mm). 
-====== References and Additional Resources ====== 
-  * https://​​site/​daguproducts/​home/​tutorials/​understanding-mr-general 
-    * [[https://​​web/​20140305132246/​http://​​node/​4120|Bot 08M]] 
-    * [[https://​​web/​20160324144940/​http://​​start|"​Start Here" robot]] 
-    * [[|greatly improved manual]] 
-    * [[https://​​web/​20140321224119/​http://​​node/​2907|Make your own IR obstacle detection sensor]] 
-    * [[https://​​web/​20100618235013/​http://​​80/​node/​7046|pan/​tilt kit was designed right here on LMR]] 
-    * [[https://​​web/​20121017133219/​http://​​node/​21141|Gareth'​s Picaxxo]] 
-    * [[https://​​web/​20120527015500/​http://​​node/​4305|"​How to'​s"​ for the speakjet]] 
-    * [[https://​​web/​20121127031303/​http://​​node/​13210|Arduino and TTS256 companion processor]] 
-  * http://​​docs/​Mr.General_Instruction_manual.pdf Mr. General instruction manual 
-  * https://​​diffident-robot Using the '​compound eye' with an Arduino processor 
-  *  
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