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 ^Manufacturer|Hewlett Packard| ^Manufacturer|Hewlett Packard|
 ^Recovered from|HP LJ 3300mfp printer| ^Recovered from|HP LJ 3300mfp printer|
-^Board IDs|| +^Board IDs|hp C7296-60163 B, 84801-4, Key tronic
-^LCD type|| +^LCD type|positive
-^Polarizer type||+^Polarizer type|reflective|
 ^Columns|16| ^Columns|16|
 ^Rows|2| ^Rows|2|
 ^Char matrix|5x8| ^Char matrix|5x8|
-^Driver IC|CoB|+^Driver IC|(CoB)|
 ^Backlight|-| ^Backlight|-|
 ^Arduino driver|| ^Arduino driver||
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 ^Pin spacing|1.5mm| ^Pin spacing|1.5mm|
-^  Connector pin-out  ​^^^  Arduino test rig  |+^  Connector pin-out  ​||^  Arduino test rig | 
-^Pin#^IC pin^Label^Pin^colour+^Pin#​^Label^Description ​^Pin
-^1|U2/​36|5.14k| +^1|U2/​36|5.14k| 
-^2|U2/​61|5.16k| +^2|U2/​61|5.16k| 
-^3|U2/​6|5.17k| +^3|U2/​6|5.17k| 
-^4|Vcc| +^4|Vcc|+3.3V
 ^6|GND| ^6|GND|
 ^8|GND| ^8|GND|
 ^10|nc| ^10|nc|
 \\ \\
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 {{:​electronic:​lcd:​p4220469a.jpg?​800|HP LJ 3300 back}} {{:​electronic:​lcd:​p4220469a.jpg?​800|HP LJ 3300 back}}
 +{{:​electronic:​lcd:​pb288499a.jpg?​800|HP LJ 3300 front}}
 +{{:​electronic:​lcd:​pb288498b.jpg?​800|HP LJ 3300 back}}
 {{:​electronic:​lcd:​p4220467a.jpg?​800|HP LJ 3300 overview with board}} {{:​electronic:​lcd:​p4220467a.jpg?​800|HP LJ 3300 overview with board}}
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 {{:​electronic:​lcd:​p4220480a.jpg?​300|HP LJ 3300 chip}} {{:​electronic:​lcd:​p4220480a.jpg?​300|HP LJ 3300 chip}}
-|{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​400|HP LJ 3300 character set}}+|{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​300|HP LJ 3300 character set}}
 |{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​400|HP LJ 3300 examples}} |{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​400|HP LJ 3300 examples}}
 |{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​200|HP LJ 3300 pixel layout}} |{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​200|HP LJ 3300 pixel layout}}
 |{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​800|HP LJ 3300 circuit}} |{{:​electronic:​lcd:​.jpg?​800|HP LJ 3300 circuit}}