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 +<​html><​p style="​text-align:​right;">​Published 31 Mar 2018</​p></​html>​
 +<​html><​p style="​text-align:​center"><​b><​font size="​6">​Philips LED Bulb</​font></​b></​p></​html>​
 +I brought a number of Philips LED (light emitting diode) ​ bulbs to replace compact fluorescents,​ with the expectation of long bulb life and low power use.  But one failed within a few months, little used.
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 +    <a href="/​dokuwiki/​_detail/​electronic/​philips-led/​p2237625.jpg"​ class="​media"><​img width="​90%"​ src="/​dokuwiki/​_media/​electronic/​philips-led/​p2237625.jpg"​ class="​media"​ title="​Philips 10.5W LED Bulb" alt="​Philips 10.5W LED Bulb" /></​a>​
 +  <div class="​container">​
 +    Faulty Philips 10.5W LED Bulb
 +  </​div>​
 +===== Overview =====
 +{{ :​electronic:​philips-led:​p2237645.jpg?​200|Bulb label}}
 +The faulty bulb, which has a standard 240V bayonet fitting, was labeled :
 +          10.5W 6500K 1055lm 95mA
 +             ​220-240V 50/60Hz
 +           Made in China  6EV
 +             ​9290011648B1
 +===== Hardware description =====
 +{{ :​electronic:​philips-led:​p2237626.jpg?​300|Bulb with dome removed}} These bulbs have an opaque plastic surround that comes halfway down what would normally be the actual glass bulb area.  So the "​bulb"​ is actually a semi-circular translucent plastic dome on the end - it doesn'​t emit any light upwards.
 +I used a hacksaw to cut through the edge of the plastic dome, all the way around - taking care to only let the blade penetrate the plastic of the dome and not risk cutting any internal structures.
 +Internally are 13 LEDs mounted on a flat PC board labeled "Entry Bulb G6 19UP 20150924",​ "​E347474",​ "​LDB-08"​. ​ The only other components visible are some surface mounted 0 ohm jumpers. ​ Internally each LED appears to have 3 LED chips, presumably red, green, blue and driven with an appropriate balance to provide '​white'​ light of the appropriate colour '​temperature'​. ​ The board has space for 18 LEDs numbered 1 to 19, "​5"​ appears to be missing. ​ Led "​12"​ appears to have been replaced with a bridge of solder, rather crudely by hand.  The board appears to be connected to controller electronics in the base via a two pin edge connector, again crudely soldered by hand.\\ \\
 +{{:​electronic:​philips-led:​p2237628.jpg?​300|LED board}}{{:​electronic:​philips-led:​p2237634.jpg?​300|Normal LED}}
 +===== Fault =====
 +{{ :​electronic:​philips-led:​p2237632.jpg?​300|Damaged LED}}
 +The fault appears to be a faulty LED "​11"​. ​  My first thought was that a soldering iron had accidently touched and melted the LED in manufacture,​ and that it had subsequenlty failed. ​ But looking at the close-ups it looks like it has split right across, so maybe it ruptured from gas build-up after overheating.
 +===== Summary =====
 +I haven'​t finished checking this out, and will have to test the LEDs and trace the fault. ​ I am surprised that there appear to be hand soldered elements in these 'high tech' products.
 +====== References and Additional Resources ======
 +     * [[http://​​2017/​08/​27/​teardown-of-a-philips-dimmable-led-bulb/​|Teardown of a Philips Dimmable LED Bulb]], description of another Philips led bulb
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