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   * [[https://​​ps2-keyboard-or-mouse-using-arduino/​|PS2 Keyboard or Mouse]]   * [[https://​​ps2-keyboard-or-mouse-using-arduino/​|PS2 Keyboard or Mouse]]
-====UNO as USB keyboard====+====UNO as USB keyboard ​(reprogramming the atmega8u2/​atmega16u2 USB interface)====
   * [[http://​​arduino-usb-hid-keyboard/​|MitchTech UNO into a USB HID keyboard]]   * [[http://​​arduino-usb-hid-keyboard/​|MitchTech UNO into a USB HID keyboard]]
   * [[https://​​2012/​06/​29/​turning-an-arduino-into-a-usb-keyboard/​|Hackaday UNO as USB keyboard]]   * [[https://​​2012/​06/​29/​turning-an-arduino-into-a-usb-keyboard/​|Hackaday UNO as USB keyboard]]